The Board of Directors is the legal governing body of Airport Marina Counseling Service with ultimate responsibility for agency policy, financial solvency and achievement of its mission. With the Executive Director, the Board ensures that the agency is properly managed, and that governmental and professional standards of licensure and ethics are followed and maintained.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

  • Erika Puzik, President
  • John Theuer, Vice President
  • Susan Zolla, Treasurer
  • Lisa Schwab, Secretary
  • Mary Ellen Cassman, Executive Director Emerita
  • Linda Peterson, President, Westchester Mental Health Guild
  • Dan Cohen
  • Patty Crockett
  • Judy Delavigne, M.Ed.
  • Nancy Ellin-Edwards
  • Margie Hanson
  • Sandy Luboviski
  • Suzanne I. Simmons, M.A.T.
  • Eden Garcia-Balis M.S.,LMFT  Chief Executive Officer, ex officio

Board of Governors 2017-2018

The Board of Governors serves as a planning and advisory board which provides counsel to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors.

  • Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead
  • Gregory Soukup