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We need your help! In a state where health care services are frequently limited to those who have insurance or to those who qualify for MediCal, Airport Marina Counseling Service continues to provide affordable mental health services from which clients can benefit without having to rely on legislative funding or comply with government regulations.

For more than 50 years, Airport Marina Counseling Service has helped thousands of people  improve their daily lives. Our broad array of mental health services assists clients in addressing issues that compromise relationships, daily living, and the ability to find and keep a job, or remain in school. Give Now Online.

  • Make a tax-deductible donation today, and empower AMCS to help many in our community to have a better tomorrow.

$35 Provides art supplies for children art therapy sessions.

$65 Provides one medical evaluation by our Board Certified Psychiatrists and ongoing treatment.

$100 Provides six Art Therapy sessions for troubled youth and their families.

$250 Provides twelve individual counseling sessions to At-Risk-Youth at one of our local schools.

$500 Provides a single parent one year of group parenting and other group therapy classes.

$1,000 Provides a struggling family with one year of family therapy sessions, allowing them to create loving, nurturing, relationships.

Any Size Donation Make a donation of β€œany” size from $5 on up! We welcome donations of any size.